Jack "Capt. Ono" Reilly, the Creator of Creation Surfboards.

Jack "Capt. Ono" Reilly blasts through at Oxnard Shores, CA 2004

Ono slices another one of his signature casual bottom turns, Ventura Point, Dec. 2009

Daytona Beach 1966

Ono slicin' across a cool one in Ventura County, CA. 1998

Capt. Ono 1972

Ono slippin' into the zone, Ventura Point, December 2009

Creation "Ono" Model

Gerry Lopez greets Ono at Pipeline, Hawaii 1995

Hanging out in Biarritz, France 1993

Walkin' on water, Ventura County, CA 1998

Ono: backhand power drive - Anglet, France 1993

Capt. Ono 1976

Hangin' in Malibu 1987

Malibu 1987

Oxnard Shores 2005
Ono, curtain call - Ventura Point 2003

"Capt. Ono" 1975. New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Jack Ono Reilly, Ventura Point, CA 2004

David Nuuhiwa and Jack "Ono" Reilly
Ventura, 2007

After graduating from Florida State University in 1978, Jack "Capt. Ono" Reilly moved to California. He worked for CON surfboards in Venice, CA as shaper, pinstriper, and airbrush artist. In 1979 he established his career as a fine artist in the Los Angeles art scene and went on to exhibit his paintings nationwide. He is currently a Professor and Chair of the Art Department at California State University Channel Islands. He teaches courses in painting, digital filmmaking and video art as well as the Zen of Surfng. An experienced "Zen Surfer," Ono can be regularly spotted surfing the breaks of Ventura County, where it is rumored he now resides. Ono still makes CREATION boards on an extremely limited basis for his own use and occasionally for a surf bro.

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